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8 Feb 2017

Logo Designing v/s Branding

While stepping into designing market, we often come across the words like branding, logos and identity. Some people say “I want to make Brand” and others, “I want to design Logo”. But as a designer, while sitting on the designing table it is essential that we know the exact difference between logo designing and branding.

So before looking into the differences, let us know the meaning of logo designing, Identity and branding.

Logo Designing: design a graphic mark, symbol, initial letter(s) or text with special fonts, is known as logo designing. Initially we get the brief about the business, after that we  re-search on it with all the required details. After gathering all the information, one sketch is prepared, which is known as “Logo” for a respective business.So basically logo represents the business in its simplest form.

Identity: The visual aspects from the part of the whole brand are known as ‘Identity’ of the business. This can be a symbol, fonts, color, or a person. For Example - “Parle G Girl”, when we see this image, we just refer Parle-G Biscuit. So this girl becomes identity for Biscuit brand.

Branding and Logo Design By Vrunda Gadesha

Branding: To create an image of your product or service that stands out from the other products or services. When branding comes on designing desk, designer need to create a symbol or icon which can be used everywhere.

Branding and Logo Design By Vrunda Gadesha

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